About us

ATLANTICFUSION was incorporated to render as wide range of services to corporate and individual clients wishing to invest in Portugal and in the European Union. 

The team that now works at AF started working together back in 1996, basically to render corporate management services to companies registered in Madeira Free Trade Zone. Such companies are regular Portuguese companies subject to compliance with the rules and official proceedings applicable to any other Portuguese companies irrespective of the location of their offices. Their only particularity was to benefit of a special tax regime, provided they met a number of criteria, including not to have Portuguese partners. Therefore, from the start the team developed a customer service directed at foreign clients.  

The team worked consistently together throughout these many years and acquired significant skills and expertise. Recently our team was reorganized under ATLANTICFUSION which targeting the whole Portuguese territory, and a wider range of services.

ATLANTICFUSION concentrates in several areas of business with the aim of providing the comprehensive assistance that the Client needs in order to successively achieve its business goals.

ATLANTICFUSION follows a policy of strict compliance with the applicable law and of strict confidentiality. In addition we believe in conspicuousness and sobriety in respect to our external visibility since we experience that our Clients appreciate dedicated and exclusive services.