Other Services


Our activity comprises:


  • Company domiciliation services: we provide head office and all the necessary logistical conditions in order to incorporate a company and start a business


  • Corporate services: we provide local directors and attorneys and implement board decisions issuing and registering any corporate documents


  • Accountancy services: we provide accountancy services to our corporate clients through members of our team that are registered Portuguese Chartered Accountants (Técnico Oficial de Contas - TOC). Under Portuguese law companies must appoint a TOC that will be responsible for issuing annual accurate accounting under Portuguese accounting regulations and file the company’s tax return as well as other tax declarations


  • Management of the relation with banks: including opening of bank accounts and management of the accounts (under strict mandate agreement and clear instructions)


  • Tax representation services: we act as tax representative of foreign individual or corporate investors obtaining a non-resident tax payer number and managing the relationship with the Portuguese tax authorities


  • Filing services: we act as depository of corporate documents.


We shall be glad to further detail any of such services under request.