Golden Visa Tax Representation Services

Tax representation is compulsory in Portugal for non-residents in the EU that carry out any actions that in any way may trigger the need to file tax declarations in Portugal or have any kind of interaction with Portuguese tax authorities. In fact the non-resident cannot start an investment activity without a Portuguese taxpayer number and cannot get a Portuguese taxpayer number without a Portuguese tax representative.

It is namely a prerequisite for the acquisition of real estate.

The tax representative appointed by the foreign investor will act as the contact with the tax authorities for any Portuguese tax matters. The tax representation implies the assumption of tax liability by the representative who will be joint and severally responsible for paying the outstanding taxes, under certain circumstances.

ATLANTICFUSION has extensive expertise in tax representation of non-resident Clients before Portuguese tax authorities.

Adapting to the Golden Visa opportunity, we provide tax representation services to Clients that wish to obtain a Residence Permit for Investment (Golden Visa) under the newly incorporated visa system, in connection with a minimum investment in Portugal, including the acquisition of real estate.

Our services include the annual management and filing of income tax declarations in connection with the Portuguese investment for purposes of the Golden Visa. ATLANTICFUSION is also skilled to deal with the proper forms in order to benefit from the reduced withholding tax rates under applicable double tax treaties.